Innovative Automation - Christopher Nguyen

My time at Innovative Automation was an amazing opportunity for myself to not only develop my skills but to expose me to a wide range of different roles within the company. Innovative Automation is a company that provides automation solutions for tasks such as welding plastic together or loading/building parts autonomously. My first week was spent in the sales department where we would conceptualize an automation process for a customer, model it in CAD, and present it to the customer. I learned a lot about how to make machines work and how to take a problem and find a solution. My second week was spent in IT, where I learned about the complex networking system that runs the company. My third week was spent on the shop floor where I did a report on product quality, as well as working in Continuous Improvement where I saw suggestions become reality. My final week was again spent in sales, where I was tasked with my own project to figure out a solution and model it in CAD. Overall, Innovative has been an extremely welcoming community filled with brilliant people creating advanced technology, providing me with invaluable experience for the future.


Christopher Nguyen

Barrie, On



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