Import 2.0 - Arnav Jain

I am a Business Development and Market Research intern at Import 2.0, a Calgary based startup that sells industrial goods. Our latest product I am dealing with is impact gloves. Import’s business model is to sell high end safety gloves imported directly from the manufacturer that eliminates the distributer markup from the supply chain and assists customers in economies of scale.

The company has primarily operated in the oil and gas industry for the past year and is looking to expand into forestry. That’s where I come into the picture!

My role is to generate interest and acquire leads that I can forward to my supervisors who will execute and close the sale. I accomplish my 

task through cold calling companies from a Sawmill and 

Panel Directory along with online research. I am developing 

the brand in an un-touched market with great potential.

My supervisors are also my mentors who coach me on business tactics along the way. As an as

piring entrepreneur, I would like to create my own business in high school. You can talk to me about my experience and my excitement to keep working for the startup and learning the fundamentals of transforming an idea into reality that later develops into a sustainable enterprise. 

Arnav Jain
Calgary, Alberta

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