Delton Veterinary Hospital - Matt Wood

Today after waking up nice and early, I proceeded to drive to my internship. My usual day consists of anything from website design, to CSS and HTML coding, to video production, and more. However, while today wasn’t far off from the typical day, it was definitely special. Today was the solar eclipse! I began the day with video production. I wrote a script which defines what the hospital is and how it operates. I then proceeded to record a voiceover which took an embarrassing amount of takes. Afterwards, I continued the editing process, inserting correlating video clips to the topics described in the voiceover. After a few hours or so of editing, I was called to check out the eclipse. It was fascinating to see the eclipse through one of the doctor’s pin-hole cardboard box. I quickly took out my camera to try to capture the moment and everyone in the office quickly came out to look through it, and see the eclipse. It was a ton of fun. Afterwards, for the rest of the day, I proceeded to finish my video edits and fine-tune the website I am working on. Today was definitely neat. 


Matt Wood

Edmonton, AB

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