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SHAD Queen's Blog Submission 1:


The SHAD Queen’s community consisting of 56 talented and unique individuals just came back from a tiring but educational camping experience and we were exhausted. Due to our lack of brain cells, the program directors were merciful enough to let us sleep in and also explore the Kingston General Market. After our little shadful vacation, we were finally well rested enough to keep our eyes open during lectures. After a mindful session of Yoga with Gio, during early marn, we had a gourmet breakfast at Leonard hall. The cafeteria never disappoints!


Following the meal, we went to our first lecture in 3 days. I find that all the lectures that we attend in SHAD are planned very well as they teach us skills that really connect with the activities we take part in when were not in the lecture hall. That was very well the case today as we had lectures in digits disruption and astronomy. The lecture on digital disruption was presented by Sumit Oberai and it really showed us how technology has impacted business and communities. This lecture taught us how to innovate and move forward with today's growing markets. The second lecture was presented by Dr. Brian Hunter, a contributor to SHAD since 2001, and it was on the topic of astronomy. Specifically whether there is a boundary between amateur and professional astronomy. During the presentation he told us his stories with amateur astronomy and all the amazing things we can do for a fraction of the money large corporations use. During our camping trip on Wolfe Island we were able to see the stars and planets clearly in the night sky and now with the new information this lecture brought in, we could now tie it in to our amazing camping experience. It turns out this lecture was the last lecture Dr. Brain Hunter will be giving for SHAD and it was very emotional hearing all he did to bring the program to where it is now.


After the lectures we had a gourmet lunch at Leonard hall. The cafeteria never disappoints!


In the afternoon we did a design thinking workshop with Dr. Jim McLellan from the Dunin-Deshpande Queen’s Innovation Centre.  This workshop was a great opportunity to get exposed to a new way of coming up with a plan. We learned how to do so in a efficient manner by using a software that walked us through the steps of design thinking. The software also had a scoring system that allowed for some “healthy” SHAD competition. In the end we learned all about the process of design thinking and how to do it efficiently. The knowledge that we learn in lectures and workshops are somehow always useful during our group projects and it really makes me question how Jen and Erin manage such a organization.



After the workshop we had a gourmet dinner at Leonard hall. The cafeteria never disappoints!


We ended our education filled day with swimming at the Queen’s Athletic and Recreation Center. Some Shad’s swam in the water and raced with other SHAD fishes while others had fun diving off the diving board. In all seriousness it was a great opportunity to cool down from the sunny humid weather days before.


At SHAD Queen’s, every day is a new day and every day we get new surprises and new countoff records. I can’t wait for the next Shadful days to come!


Leo Cui

SHAD Queen’s 2018


SHAD Queen's Blog Submission 2:


My name is Delwyn Marcoux. I am a pansexual demigirl, but I am also much more than that. I am a SHAD fellow, a UWC student, an avid reader, a french Canadian, an environmental advocate, and a mega-geek just to scratch the surface of who I am. Nevertheless, my gender does have a disproportionate effect on my life … usually. Two days before I was to leave for SHAD Queen's, I was laying in bed, very much depressed, not having packed a thing, and wondering if I was going to be able to go. Ever since I got here though, I have felt more supported than I ever have before, and am able to focus on SHAD, the experience of a lifetime!


My adventure had a mountainous start, with its ups and its downs. Within an hour of passing through security in Comox, BC, I had met Carly Rae Jepsen and had been refused boarding. Leaving the Comox airport, I had both an amazing story and an eight hour later arrival time. Thankfully, the lovely Shtaff were very understanding and accommodated this inconvenient series of events.  


This first day, unpredictable, tiring, yet safe and supported, was a perfect example of SHAD life. You never know what the next day, heck the next hour will bring, all you know is that it will be amazing. Since arriving, we rehearsed and performed a song in two hours, went on a camping trip with ten hours notice, met the CTO of microsoft, found and modeled a solution to the nuclear storage challenge in six hours, and much more than I have room for. You are certainly getting your money’s worth at SHAD, looking purely at activities.


If you add in the lifelong connections made at SHAD, the experience becomes priceless. Looking back, i surprise myself finding that Carly Rae Jepsen is only the 69th most amazing person I’ve met since leaving for SHAD. Everywhere I turn, there is someone to have a meaningful conversation with, someone to share passions with, and someone to learn skills and lessons from. It truly does feel like a large family, with the directors as parents, the faculty as those fun grandparents, the assistants as the aunts and uncles and all the SHADs as non-identical twins.


SHAD is a diverse community that accepts differences with open arms and open mouths full of questions. Many here felt like they might not have been good enough, many are struggling with innumerable demons, but here at SHAD, all your worries disappear and you become your best you.


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