A day at SHAD Memorial

The beginning of week 4 is a strange time. All month, Dr. Lye and the team have kept pretty much everything a surprise: lectures, seminars, rec, activities, field trips, you name it. But there aren’t many secrets left. We know what’s next: project presentations, Open Day, banquet, variety show and then home. We’ve handed in our business plans, and while there is still lots to do, it’s hard not to reminisce about this amazing, busy MUNth we’ve had together here at SHAD Memorial.


A group photo from our hike to Cape Spear, the most Easterly point in North America


Some of the biggest highlights were the field trips. We went back in time to the 17th century at Colony of the Avalon and back to 1911 in the Bell Island Iron Ore Mine. But the fan favourite by far was the weekend on Fogo Island. There, we visited the famous Fogo Island Inn, hiked to one of the four corners of the flat earth, and became Honourary Newfoundlanders. We were exposed to Newfoundland culture, music, and food and our community bonds were strengthened immensely.


The view from Brimstone Head, one of the 4 corners of the flat earth


Even though we loved getting off campus, there was no shortage of excitement and entertainment on campus. We participated in rec every day in the mornings and afternoons where we got to enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise. But rec at SHAD MUN isn’t limited to sports; in just the past few weeks, we learned choreography for a flash mob, let loose with some Jamaican moves and learned how to ballroom dance.


A sneak peek of our flash mob dance rehearsal


But we weren’t just learning how to dance. Our daily lectures included a wide variety of amazing topics. From intellectual property and graph theory to indigenous issues and the work of Stephen Hawking, every day there were new topics to discover. And while we spent most of the time listening and asking questions in the morning, we also had the opportunity for hands-on learning experience in the afternoons. At seminars, we dissected fish, built robots, assembled printed circuit boards, learned a musical number and worked through some statistical misconceptions.


A snapshot of our marine biology seminar


Because our days were so full of learning and working, it was nice when we had an evening off to kick back and relax. For our first field trip we had a bonfire at Middle Cove Beach and on movie night, Dr. Lye brought one of his many copies of The Princess Bride and we all watched it together, laughing while we ate freshly popped popcorn. We played board games in the University Centre and took part in a food drive.


Movie night!


Even though the month is almost over, we are eagerly looking forward to the remaining surprises that these final days will bring. We want to find out which team the judges deem has the best house project, we want to sing the SHAD MUN 2018 song at the variety show and we look forward to our last plate of hash browns for breakfast. While our community began with 56 strangers, it is safe to say that everyone will be leaving with 55 new friends plus 16 SHAD MUN team members.


Our group at the Fogo Island Inn


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