Valley Acrylic - Rebecca Lim

I’ve always had an interest in money matters, so when I was offered an internship in the Finance and Accounting department at Valley Acrylic, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to explore this field further.  This month, I’ve been working with two other SHAD interns on “the Amazon Project” to launch online sales for Valley Acrylic.  Our first step was to learn how to use Amazon Seller Central, so we watched all the tutorial videos from Seller University.  Next, we had to improve existing listings on the account by adding product details and adjusting prices.  We were also provided with many products from the warehouse to create new listings for.  As we became familiar with Seller Central, we were tasked with making a guide, including step-by-step instructions and helpful tips, for the company to use to continue selling on Amazon even after our internship was over. Today, we wrapped up our phase of the project.  We reflected on what we’ve accomplished and what steps should be taken next to ensure the company’s success selling on Amazon.  Even though today was my last day as a SHAD intern, this has been a really valuable experience that has provided me with important knowledge, skills, and connections for the future.


Rebecca Lim

Surrey, BC

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