Terry Beech Office - Justin Qu



That's the average number of constituents we, as interns at Terry Beech's Office, are able to reach out to every single day. Our duty mainly revolves around gathering feedback on political issues in our riding (a process known as canvassing). After redrawing the map of the riding and breaking it down according to the new poll stations for our first few days on the job, we moved onto the main dish: hitting the doors. Walking up to someone's front door and inquiring about his/her political standing isn't easy; in fact, we often encounter partisanship or blatant apathy. That being said, this process is vital to the connection between Terry Beech and the people he represents. I was able to note down the concerns of neighbors and strangers alike and know that their voices and opinions are heard and responded to. I look forward to the remaining portion of my time at the office and will continue to take pride in the fact that I am truly impacting and serving the community.


Justin Qu

Burnaby, BC


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