Teledyne Dalsa - Danny Ou

Even though you may have never heard of Teledyne Dalsa before, Teledyne Dalsa is responsible for making most of the digital imaging and image sensing cameras in food security, DNA sequencing, and pattern recognition. Being a part of Teledyne Dalsa’s internship team, it is an honor for me to be working with them for August.

On the first day, working for Teledyne Dalsa was a challenge. Nothing was given to us except two computers with limited files. To acquire information to start on our projects, we had to plan accordingly to worker’s schedule and communicated with a vast majority of people to gather resources. As well, understanding our member’s viewpoint was a vital skill to keep everyone connected and bonded within Teledyne Dalsa.

However, what caught my attention in Teledyne Dalsa was their multidisciplinary jobs. For example, our first project—which was nothing related to technology—required us to think strategically about the layout of the storage room to be organized and applied skills from engineering to implement it. From what I learned, today’s company needs a multidisciplinary approach in order to function.  Working for Teledyne Dalsa has helped me discover more about the application of technology in business.


Danny Ou
Kitchener, Ontario

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