Teledyne DALSA - Julia Little

I came into my internship at Teledyne DALSA looking for another activity to boost my resume. After all, what looks better on paper than not only being SHAD alumni but also having completed an internship through the program.

What can’t be portrayed by that all-important accomplishments section is the invaluable experience that DALSA has provided me with.

On day one, though I had learned much from SHAD already this summer, I couldn’t have pretended to know anything about how a workplace operated, how complex a manufacturing floor was, or how many different jobs went into the creation of a single camera.

But those things were expected. And now, as I sit here on my last day here at Teledyne DALSA, I can say I have learned a multitude of unexpected things as well. I picked up skills such as AutoCAD, organization, and video editing. But what was really special was that coming into a business setting I never expected to find such a tight knit culture flowing around me, to learn as much about the people who make up a business as the things.

Those people are what brings DALSA together and I am very thankful for my time here.


Julia Little

Waterloo, On



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