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The first time I stepped into the office for my internship at PUBLIC Inc, I was amazed. Right in front of me was a huge wooden mural with black letters boldly spelling out “Why Shouldn’t Everyone Profit by Doing Good?”

The entire culture of PUBLIC is driven by that one question. As a social marketing agency, they help a variety of customers, ranging from non-profits like Football for Good to corporate giants like TD, promote and implement programs that will “do good.” As a part of the dynamic team at this company, I play a variety of roles. So far I have done some data management (sorting customer information for PUBLIC’s own program Sit Kicker,) I compiled a list of news reporters that could cover the Oceana 2017 exposition, I found Toronto’s most influential Instagram users and connected them to the organizers of the Veg Food Fest, and today I have some undisclosed financial matters to work on! Every day is certainly exciting, and working downtown where I frequently have lunch with my fellow SHADs (shoutout to my SHAD UBC ohana!) is definitely a plus. SHAD, I’d like to thank you so much for giving me this amazing opportunity!

Becky, our office mascot


Meisa Chen

Markham, On 

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