NB Power - Marylise Habiyambere

The idea that I had almost declined my SHAD internship offer from NB Power baffles me now because I can’t imagine spending the month of August any other way.  The reason I had nearly turned down this amazing opportunity was because I had no interest in pursuing business: I was set on medicine and I still am to this day. Thus, I felt far too incompetent for the job. Nevertheless, after my experience at SHAD UBC I suddenly had this intense desire to expose myself to new things and to uncover just a small chunk of the things ‘I didn’t know I didn’t know’. As we liked to say at my SHAD campus, “how you do SHAD is how you do life,” and during SHAD I allowed myself to be changed and to be pushed into uncomfortable situations that ended up creating the sort of memories I would cherish for a lifetime:  I was determined to put forth that same attitude for anything that came into my life hereafter. So I accepted the offer and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The NB Power team created a welcoming and friendly environment for me so that I could genuinely contribute to the company, mainly doing lots of data work for their Low Income Program, as well as getting a chance to do some interesting research projects. I truly felt like a member of the NB Power family right from the start and I am forever grateful to SHAD UBC for giving me that little nudge I needed to leap into this opportunity. Despite still not have any intention to go into business I can see how gratifying it can be, having worked in a space surrounded by such lovely people who are passionate about what they do, and that is something I do intend to apply into my medical career. 


Marylise Habiyambere

Saint John, NB

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