McCain Foods Limited - Shubh Fageria

Throughout the month of August I have been fortunate enough to work as an intern at McCain Foods Limited; more specifically the Potato Processing Technology Center located in Florenceville, NB. The past two weeks have taught me multitudes about working in a real lab environment and what it is like to be a scientist. I have been able to learn about the different kinds of instruments used in the lab and their purposes. I have helped out in different research trials and have been fortunate enough to get a study of my own to work on. In my study, I run different trials, trying to find a way to reduce oil degradation naturally. This has given me the chance to sharpen my critical thinking skills as there is always a new hurdle to jump over. All in all, my time here has been phenomenal. It was the perfect internship for me as I am super interested in the sciences. Really, it has been an eye opening experience being able to see the process of how a potato grown in the soil can turn into the magnificent food we call a fry. I won’t ever take a fry for granted again.


Shubh Fageria

Fredericton, NB


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