Kaleidosports - Hamza Qayyum

For the past month, I’ve been interning at Kaleidosports, a company from Kitchener, Ontario. They sell sports equipment, like custom hockey jerseys, custom hockey socks, as well as custom goalie hockey sticks, through online stores.
I work from home, since I’m in a different province, but my job allows for that, as it mainly revolves around designing/developing parts of one of the websites that sells hockey jerseys and socks. So far I’ve redesigned some of the pages on the site to be more user friendly in terms of presenting important information, as well as developed a small jersey sizing assistant tool written in Javascript that asks for your height and weight and pulls up a picture of the closest model in weight and height to you wearing different sizes of a jersey.
I’m really enjoying the internship as a challenge and learning experience. Not only do I get to practise some of my skills in the real world, like web design/development and programming, I also get to work with the company’s owner and experience what an employee-boss relationship is like. To my surprise, it’s been awesome!
All in all, I’m really enjoying this experience thus far.


Hamza Qayyum

Surrey, BC

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