Decision Resources Group - Jason Liu

These past two months have been full of surprises, first SHAD and now working at Decision Resources Group. I did not know what to expect when we first came to the office, knowing no one here and what I was going to work on. I barely knew how to get to the office in the first place!


However, once I arrived, I was welcomed into an open environment alongside five other SHADs. Us SHAD interns got the chance to experience the strenuous and unique working life: the exhausting, long commute every day to Toronto, the concentration needed of the task at hand, and the liberation of no homework. At DRG, we had the chance to connect with other colleagues at lunch and get insight into daily business operations. One of the best moments of the internship was the chance to sit in on a quarterly meeting and watch the respective managers make comments about the progress of projects and the growth of the company.


So, we just wanted to give a big thank you to SHAD and DRG for giving us this opportunity, knowing that we each gained a lot from our position and will take it with us for the rest of our lives. So again, thank you.


Jason Liu

Mississauga, On

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