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My internship is at Communitech, whose mission is to help Tech Startups grow. Communitech is based in the Waterloo Region, where due to the proximity of the University of Waterloo, many Tech Startups tend to flourish. Communitech acts as a catalyst by providing resources for Startups such as mentors, a space to work, connections to other Startups, and opportunities to pitch to potential investors. Inside the building you’ll find vibrant murals and thought-provoking furniture; with a Gratitude Wall of sticky notes, a slide from the third to second floor, a fireman’s pole from the fourth to third floor, a deck, a ping-pong table, a world map made of circuit boards, and many goat references.


At Communitech, I’m working with the Talent Team on a project to provide recruitment resources to Startups. The reasoning behind that is Tech Startups rarely have HR personnel and for most of them, it will be their first time making a hire. In the past, Communitech has held a series of workshops aimed towards this audience to initiate them on the basics, however, due to the fact that not everyone could make it to the workshops, it was decided to put the content online in a member portal. I’m helping to put together resources from the workshops and drawing content from other places to make a conglomeration of info for Startups to access. I’ve learned about the process that businesses go through to hire an employee, and it’s interesting for me because I can kind of see what it's like to be on both sides of the table in a job interview.


Angela Zhang

Waterloo, On

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