Christie Digital - Gordon Fountain

Kitchener-Waterloo is one of the new up and coming tech capitals. With Google, Communitech, RIM, and of course Christie, all calling it home. Christie is a true leader in projection technology. In my internship I saw the incredible mind behind the screen.  I had a great mentor Advait a shad alumni of last year who is now here for a co-op term after a successful internship. He has been a great help in learning the new coding languages, and helping me learn. At Christie I work from 9-5 Monday-Friday as an “Assistant Engineer”. My projects have focused on testing of the scenarios that the projectors are put in digitally called system tests. I started out by coding a way for runtimes to be shown as part of a specific system test graph, and am now working on including defect numbers directly in the html report that is already present. I also help troubleshoot what went wrong when the system tests fail. At Christie we use a Jenkins server to run the system tests and show the results. This internship is a great way to be immersed in the workplace for a possible future career.


Gordon Fountain

Kitchener, ON

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