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I am currently an intern at CDOT (Centre for the Development of Open Technology). CDOT is a branch of Seneca College that gives students the opportunity to work with industry partners on many different projects ranging from 3D scanning to machine learning. All of this is with an open source focus which means that the projects maintain a level of public access to the work done so they can be built upon in the future.


My fellow SHAD Samantha and I are working on a project dubbed the “Peapod”. The “Peapod” is a device that we are developing for their yearly FSOSS conference (Free Software and Open Source Symposium). FSOSS is a symposium on the topic of open technology. The goal of the “Peapod” is to develop a small device that will track each attendee around the conference building and also will have a three button interface that will allow them to rate the speakers.


Samantha and I were first tasked with proving that a person could be located using WiFi signal strength. We quickly drafted a program in Java and began testing around the various buildings. After we proved that this approach is viable we moved onto designing and fabricating the PCB needed for the device. We are now working on programming the client side and server side. We will then start testing the entire system as a unit and ensure that every component is working as planned, then hopefully it can be mass produced for the conference in October.


Being an Intern at CDOT is an amazing experience. I have always loved programming and circuitry but have never been able to really implement that knowledge. I have learned so much about every facet of tech here at CDOT, such as bash and circuit fabrication. The ability to work in an industry that I would like to get into is invaluable to me. I would choose no other way to spend my August than here interning at CDOT.

For more information on the “Peapod” device, you can visit the wiki page at https://wiki.cdot.senecacollege.ca/wiki/Peapod

Or you can learn more about CDOT here http://cdot.senecacollege.ca/

and FSOSS here http://fsoss.ca


Ethan Childerhose

Oakville, Ontario


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