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It’s an honour being a part of the internship program at Careerleaf, and believe me when I say it’s quite an experience. Careerleaf is a Toronto-based technology company that builds job board platforms for businesses and organizations around the world, revolutionizing the user experience for job-seekers and employers. For more information regarding Careerleaf, you can check out their website:

At Careerleaf, the interns are constantly involved with various projects. Recently, our marketing team has been working on lead list generation, sales funnel UX/UI optimization, and market research. On the other hand, our development team has been involved with wireframing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and programming and app development. As an intern, I have the opportunity to see the world of marketing from a new perspective, and exercise what I already know in a workplace environment; this is a rare and valuable experience for the average high school student. I’ve learned that there’s more to a website than what appears on the surface; hours and hours of brainstorming, planning and designing are allocated to just one webpage! I’ve learned how important it is to understand your customer base and recognize their needs. Market research is crucial for every business, B2B and B2C alike. Most importantly, I’ve learned that marketing boils down to the nuances, like how a website is organized, or how visual aids are used to support information.

It’s been a wild 2 weeks here so far, and I’m excited for what’s to come!


Jenny Bai

Toronto, ON

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