Canadian Centre for R2P - Marcus Kruger

I was so excited back in June when I received an email from CCR2P (Canadian Center for Responsibility to Protect) for an internship offer, and that excited has not dissipated. Like many other SHAD, I find the prospect of free time paramount to anarchy, especially after having spent a month with literally every second planned.  So not only was I excited to have some structure for the second half of summer, but also extremely grateful for the opportunity for continued and intentional involvement in the SHAD community.

The CCR2P   internship is divided into two parts. The first part involves reading a healthy prescribed number of documents that describe the history, relevancy, and application of R2P (Responsibility to Protect). R2P is a doctrine that very strongly urges the involvement of the international community in order to prevent genocide and crimes against humanity. For information please visit and . The way in which R2P seeks to involves the international community is by redefining “sovereignty as responsibility”. Independence can also be used as a synonym for sovereignty, and in this way many parallels can be drawn to our own personal lives in the way we engage in community and relationships.

The second part of the internship has only just begun for us. In this upcoming week, us SHAD interns will be working in our groups to find ways to engage others in the critical thinking that R2P invokes. We are doing this by helping promote a film festival and also making framework though which we can invite our schools and communities to be a part of R2P conversation. I’m still so excited for this internship opportunity and I look forward to having had an intentional and meaningful summer. 


Marcus Kruger

Saskatoon, SK

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