Turn your passions
into pathways

Shad fills you with the best GROWTH MINDSET
We connect you with HIGH IMPACT PEERS

Turn your passions
into pathways

Shad fills you with the best GROWTH MINDSET

We connect you with HIGH IMPACT PEERS



The Shad Experience
Shad programs offer tools to build an IMPACTFUL FUTURE.
Delivered through a cutting-edge STEAM AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP framework, you will learn more about YOURSELF, about OPPORTUNITIES and about successful PATHWAYS TO POST-SECONDARY and beyond.

Go for what you love.

We introduce you to mentors, leaders, entrepreneurs and workshops that tap into your passions and introduce new ones.

Get real experiences that will guide your dreams, centre your passions and help you discover post-secondary pathways... so you can ultimately get paid for what you love.

Fail often.

Yes, we mean it. Shad is your safe space to try all the things and fail at a few along the way.

We know in order to find the right path many paths may need to be explored. We offer the best testing ground to try new things, discover your path, meet Gen Z’s and do it all during the month of July.

Find high impact peers
and true belonging.

We believe that if you want to go far, go together.

Shad connects you with youth who are going the mile for their community, for overall excellence and for loving life in the most grand, respectful and impactful way.

Do something real.

Social impact is the name of our game, and we give you the chance to solve massive problems, design a market strategy and know the impact you can make.

Forget case studies and theories, we give you the opportunity to build a real solution to a real social problem.

The Shad program changes lives, but don’t take it from us, here is what our alumni say:

“Before Shad, I was always going to do science because that’s what all my friends were doing. I can honestly say that if I didn’t attend Shad I probably would never have applied to business school.”
- Jane, Newfoundland
“From attending lectures, to living in dorms with a roommate, to exploring new ideas and education paths, Shad definitely impacted my preparedness.”
- Jacob, British Columbia
“Shad was an amazing learning opportunity that gave me skills I will use for the rest of my career and education. I made life-long friends across the country and I would not trade the experience for the world.”
- Annika, Alberta
“Over the month that I was there, I felt that I really, really grew in my comfort level in these spaces. I knew I belonged in these spaces. That status quo was only that. It’s a status quo, you redefine it how you see fit. I really enjoyed my time at Shad.”
- Matthew, New Brunswick
“The program undoubtedly will enhance your passion for the STEAM disciplines and entrepreneurship – but is truly unique in its ability to provide such profound personal growth.”
- Nika, Ontario
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