SHAD exists to empower exceptional youth to make the world a better place.


SHAD recognizes that the brightest high school students are sometimes isolated due to geography or lack of commonality with other students, and they may not have access to sufficiently challenging, educationally-rich programs and support. We strive to close that gap by empowering exceptional students – at a pivotal point in their education – to recognize their own capabilities and envision their extraordinary potential as tomorrow’s leaders and change makers.


We believe that intellectual gifts alone don’t guarantee personal and professional success. The investment of time and resources in these future leaders is comparable to investment in top-performing athletes, ensuring that they will be gold medal winners in their fields of endeavor to help Canada compete on the world stage.




These are the values that underpin safe and strong communities, teams, and businesses everywhere. We strive to live them every day.


CREATIVITY: we cherish the freedom to explore, create, and innovate. 

EXCELLENCE: we aspire to excellence in all we do. 

COMMUNITY: We are committed to the respect, cooperation, and shared fun that builds a powerful, supportive community, while remaining mindful of the safety and well-being of that community. 

DIVERSITY: we value diversity and open discussion.

RESPONSIBILITY: Our behaviour is always governed by respect for others and the highest standards of ethical conduct.