Annual gifts


SHADs often share stories of their transformational experience at the program: the quality of the experience; the benefits of the enriched learning environment; the value of their SHAD network; and the bonuses that made the SHAD experience distinct. Things like receiving an essential bursary or the chance to learn about innovation through the  SHAD Design Entrepreneurship Challenge are just some of the things made possible by Annual Gifts.

Annual Gifts help bridge the gap between the real cost of the SHAD experience, and the program fee. Annual Gifts help the SHAD organization plan with confidence, and take advantage of new opportunities to improve and expand participant experiences.


What does your gift support?

You can donate now, or contact us for more details.



Tranformational gifts

Transformational Gifts are so named because the timing, purpose and size of the gift transform SHAD. These gifts reflect a passionate expression of a donor’s values and a deep interest in SHAD’s mission.

Donors carefully consider how the exceptional SHAD experience could be further enhanced by a significant investment, at the same time furthering their personal philanthropic goals.

Transformational gifts enable SHAD to build on our national reputation as a leader, inspiring the brightest Canadian youth, and expanding the scope of the program.

To learn more about Transformational Gifts, please contact us to explore further.



Named gifts

Donors with a passion for enabling participation in SHAD by all qualified youth might consider a named award. With a named gift, you can help decide what type of student you’d like to support (considering some or all of gender, geographic location, background, achievements, and socioeconomic factors). To ensure your gift is significant, relevant and impactful over a period of time, Named Gifts have minimum donation amounts and years of duration.

Please contact us to explore how you can lend your name to assist bright youth in accessing the benefits of SHAD.



Planned gifts

A planned gift is a bequest in your will that can help you make a significant contribution to SHAD.

By making a planned gift to SHAD, you will help the next generation of leaders reach their greatest potential, and help SHAD continue to deliver our mission in years to come. Your planned gift is an investment in our future, and your confidence motivates our best efforts.

Leaving a gift in your will doesn’t affect your current lifestyle, and, with careful financial planning, your gift can often be more significant than might otherwise be possible. And planned gifts are revocable, easily changed if your financial circumstances change.

To learn more about leaving a legacy gift, please contact us.