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From enhanced self-confidence and aspirations, to opened doors and possibilities in their academic, professional and personal pursuits, SHAD creates lasting impacts in the lives of SHAD Fellows. Hear what SHAD Fellows, SHAD parents and government leaders have to say about the SHAD experience:




“People think that SHAD is only about STEAM (science, tech, engineering, arts, and math). It’s so much more than that. It’s about community. It’s about leadership. It’s about having your whole world view changed.  I saw that when my son called home and described his summer as life-changing.”


SHAD Parent 2018


“I had heard great things about SHAD over the years, ever since I was in high school myself, but the experience far surpasses any expectations that my daughter or I might have had. SHAD is a Canadian national treasure and my family is truly grateful to have been a part of it.”


SHAD Parent 2018




“Why SHAD? Because SHAD teaches that a small kid from outport Newfoundland, like myself, can have the same opportunities as a kid in downtown Toronto. I chose [SHAD] because this was my opportunity to get out there and find the people who could most relate to having wild fantasies 

about changing the world and wouldn’t tell me I was crazy if I started a conversation with basically a stranger on politics or how there was just a new medical discovery. SHAD showed me the best people I have ever met and 
I’m eternally grateful for my SHAD UNB 2017 family.”


SHAD Fellow 2017



“Why SHAD? Because unfulfilled potential is my worst fear and SHAD has taught me how to create opportunities for myself.”


SHAD Fellow 2018




“The SHAD program provides many opportunities to meet renowned professors, 

entrepreneurs, and specialists and introduces you to another world living on campus 

and feeling what it takes to be a world changer. At SHAD, they helped me realize that age does not constitute when individuals can start down the path of changing the world; as a 16-year-old SHAD Fellow, I pledge to start my journey.”





SHAD Fellow 2018








“[SHAD is] an ingenious program that more Canadians need to know about . . . I 

wouldn’t start a university today without experiential learning for every student. The reason

is it’s combining theory and practice.”



The 28th Governor General of Canada
Honorary SHAD Fellow