So you're considering becoming a SHAD Fellow? Well, we must say, you will enjoy the many benefits!


First things first, you will meet other like-minded students from all over the country and be part of a community and network you can tap into for life.


The impressive SHAD Network


One of Canada’s leading female entrepreneurs, Michele Romanow is not only a dragon on CBC's Dragons' Den, she’s also a SHAD Fellow. Another SHAD Fellow, Darlene Lim, is a Research Scientist working with NASA to help humans get to MARS. Tech innovator, Ted Livingston of Kik Interactive is a SHAD Fellow, as well as Neil Pasricha, the author of the best-selling "The Book of Awesome" series. We have leaders in many different fields including an executive working with the Dallas Stars in the National Hockey League and a Deputy Minister working with the Federal Government.


You will gain access to this incredible network of change makers. 


The SHAD Fellow designation


The SHAD Fellow designation is recognized by universities, institutions and organizations across Canada and the globe. It will help amplify your university applications and be a note-worthy addition to your LinkedIn profile and resume. As a SHAD Fellow, you’ll have the inside track to prestigious events, conferences, learning and development experiences such as the Singularity University Canada Summit, The Next 36, The Sustainable Development Goals Summit, and Project Access, to name a few. Count on hearing from us when we have news to share on these and many other opportunities!


Many SHAD Fellows who have won major national scholarships such as the Loran AwardSchulich Leader scholarship and Rhodes scholarship, say that SHAD contributed to their success:

“I mentioned SHAD in my application for the Loran Award….What I learned at SHAD played a role in my development which led to me becoming a Loran Scholar.”


SHAD Fellow and Loran Scholar 


"SHAD was absolutely vital because it pushed me beyond my boundaries and made me go outside of my comfort zone. I also gained an extensive network. People that I met five, six years ago are people I am still great friends with today. We still meet up across the country; we keep in touch and we still are very connected both professionally and also informally. It’s really a lifetime thing."


SHAD Fellow and Rhodes Scholar





Many universities recognize the quality of SHAD Fellows and offer scholarships exclusively for SHADs.


Check out scholarships available exclusively to SHAD Fellows



References and Verifiers


SHAD will provide reference letters and verifiers to support your future success, including your university applications, scholarship submissions, and for entrance to other programs you’re pursuing.