Are you from a rural or remote community? We at SHAD have a place for you. We aspire to reach students in every part of the country, believing that those with geographical barriers and less access to resources and opportunities should have the chance to attend SHAD.


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Many of our SHAD Fellows from remote communities say SHAD expanded their network to include people from all across Canada and they gained access to top facilities and mentors:




SHAD Fellow from Silverdale, Newfoundland



“Why SHAD? Because SHAD teaches that a small kid from outport Newfoundland, like myself, can have the same opportunities as a kid in downtown Toronto. I chose [SHAD] because this was my opportunity to get out there and find the people who could most relate to having wild fantasies about changing the world and wouldn’t tell me I was crazy if I started a conversation with basically a stranger on politics or how there was just a new medical discovery. SHAD showed me the best people I have ever met and I’m eternally grateful for my SHAD UNB 2017 family.”




SHAD Fellow from Gjoa Haven, Nunavut



"When I left home in Nunavut, snow and ice covered the tundra and there was 24 hour daylight. I had the time of my life at SHAD traveling for days and half way around the country from my isolated hometown to meet a community of students intent on changing the world.  The biggest thing that struck me is just how supportive and welcoming each and every SHAD is. It’s the same type of hospitality one receives in my tiny community Gjoa Haven, north of the Arctic Circle so I couldn’t have felt more at home."


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SHAD Fellow from Deep River, Ontario


"Coming from a small town, I was really nervous about making new friends at SHAD because I have grown up with the same people for most of my life. I was so surprised and excited to be surrounded by so many intelligent, outgoing, warm, and like-minded people. The encouraging environment at SHAD helped me open up to others, develop my leadership skills, and gain confidence in myself."




SHAD Fellow from Thunder Bay, Ontario


Emily Cross is from Thunder Bay, Ontario. As an internationally recognized and accomplished geoscience youth researcher, Emily had to overcome many geographical barriers to reach her goals. She believes SHAD is a great resource to jumpstart a career in STEM, especially for rural students.


"Being a woman in STEM from a remote northern community, I've often experienced difficulty obtaining access to equipment, lab space, educational programs and mentorship. You may have to fly to a larger urban centre, such as Toronto, and that can be quite expensive and therefore, quite unrealistic. SHAD stood out to me because it was a program that was actually offered in my northern community and it gave me the access I always dreamed of." 




SHAD Fellow from Haines Junction, Yukon

Alex grew up in Haines Junction, YK, a town with 300 people about two hours away from Whitehorse. She is a member of the Prime Minister's Youth Council and recently built a house with her own two hands. 


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