50 FULL SCHOLARSHIPS are available exclusively for Newfoundland and Labrador* students to attend SHAD next July! SHAD 2019 is the final year for Hibernia’s five-year commitment.

Did you know that SHAD has partnered with Memorial University to offer Newfoundland and Labrador Grades 10, 11 and 12 students a wonderful opportunity to compete for one of 50 full scholarships to attend SHAD in July?  July 2019 marks the 5th and final year of this committment. 

SHAD is a summer enrichment program and for many years, educators, parents, and students alike have not considered applying because the cost was a significant barrier. Since 2014 this barrier has been fully removed for Newfoundland and Labrador* students thanks to a sizeable donation from HMDC (Hibernia Management and Development Company) allowing excellent students from all communities in Newfoundland and Labrador to apply and compete for a place at SHAD. The program is largely STEAM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) while introducing students to the basics of entrepreneurship and challenging them to ‘think outside the box’ to address a current world problem. Students accepted to SHAD travel across Canada to one of our host universities where they will live on-campus with other like-minded students from across the country. It is truly an opportunity to realize your full potential, talents, and interests and to undergo a transformational experience - as one 2016 SHAD student put it, “You don’t discover SHAD, SHAD discovers you.

SHAD and MUN have worked hard to create this opportunity for Newfoundland and Labrador students to ensure representation from the province nationally, as well as, providing students with a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn with the best and brightest from across Canada. Well-rounded and academically keen students are encouraged to apply.  

For further information about applying to SHAD, please contact Tiffany Henderson, SHAD Coordinator at Memorial University: office (709) 864-2732 or cell (709)691-6901.


* Note: to be eligible to be considered for this funding, students must meet these 3 requirements:

1. Canadian citizenship or Permanent Resident Status in Canada, and

2. Live in Newfoundland, and 

3. Attend school in Newfoundland.