May 31, 2017



SHAD is thrilled to be one of six innovators nominated from Southwestern Ontario for the prestigious Manning Awards. 


The award celebrates and rewards Canadian innovators whose innovations are commercially viable, support provincial and national economies by creating jobs and wealth, and position our country as a global competitor. The Manning innovators are leaders and visionaries who are positively impacting the Canadian economy while improving the human experience in its various dimensions around the world.


SHAD President and CEO Tim Jackson was thrilled to accept the nomination on behalf of everyone at SHAD as SHAD is nominated for one of the country’s most prestigious innovation awards, the Manning Awards.



 Jackson is pictured here with other award nominees from Southwestern Ontario during an event at the Innovation Factory in Hamilton last night.


Since 1980, the unique Canadian enrichment program SHAD has fostered leading innovators and entrepreneurs and helped thousands reach their potential.  Among  the 16,000 alumni or SHAD Fellows are 32 Rhodes Scholars, a top NHL  executive, a leading researcher working with NASA to get humans to Mars and leaders in many different fields. It is interesting to note that since the foundation of the Manning Young Canadian Innovation Awards in 1992, 16 per cent of the winners have been SHAD Fellows.


SHAD congratulates all program staff and early pioneers who have played a big role in helping SHAD over the years.  This award nomination will go a long way to ensuring SHAD is no  longer one of Canada’s best kept secrets.  The Manning Awards will be presented at an event in Toronto on November 29.