Because of SHAD’s donors, the following is possible:


Continuous enhancement of the month-long university-based program with new campuses, cutting-edge content, top professors, and leading business experts.


Expanding opportunities beyond the month-long program through SHAD University Campus Clubs, continued educational opportunities, networking opportunities with fellow SHADs, and the SHAD Angel Network.


Accessibility, through a significant financial awards program, which enables those with proven financial need an equal chance to benefit from SHAD experiences


SHAD believes that great future leaders come from all parts of Canada, and from families of all socio-economic backgrounds.  Thanks to the generosity of donors, program fees reflect approximately half the full cost of the experience, to reduce barriers to participation.  In addition to the program subsidy, a significant percentage of SHAD’s annual operating budget is earmarked to assist students with proven financial need.


Outreach, to ensure all of Canada’s bright youth have awareness and access to SHAD’s programs, regardless of their geographic, socioeconomic, gender or cultural diversity


SHAD strives to reach students and schools in all areas of the country, to ensure the best and brightest young Canadians have equal opportunity to benefit from SHAD programs, and the SHAD network.  SHAD seeks to ensure that the SHAD cohort reflects Canada’s cultural, gender, geographic and socioeconomic diversity each year. Close to 60% of SHAD participants each year are females, and SHAD welcomes participants from all provinces every year.