How SHAD supports International Baccalaureatte diploma students


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Participating in the SHAD program supports three key aspects of the IB diploma program – CAS (creativity, action, service), Theory of Knowledge, and the Extended Essay.


SHAD shares the IB community's goal to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who are inspired to create a better world. The SHAD program is an excellent extension of the IB diploma program experience. SHAD recognizes that exceptional students with incredible intellect, drive, initiative and creativity need access to many different types of enrichment experiences.


Review the details on how SHAD fulfills the creativity aspect of CAS, and how participating in the SHAD program sets the stage for an effective Theory of Knowledge project and Extended Essay:




SHAD is a unique four-week immersion experience that provides IB diploma students with both an exciting and fun learning experience, and a distinct advantage as it relates to completing the central core of the Diploma Program.


For more information, contact Jess Tang, Outreach Lead, at (519) 884-8844 x 233.