We're proud to partner with FIRST Canada, with our shared goal to inspire students to pursue opportunities in STEM and excellence in innovation.


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Did you know, if you are a current FIRST Robotics competitor, you are eligible to apply for the SHAD-FIRST Scholarships?


This is a full scholarship to attend SHAD (valued at $5,700). To be eligible, you must indicate on your SHAD application that you are a FIRST Robotics competitor and provide your FRC Team number for verification purposes. There is also a full SHAD scholarship for an Indigenous FIRST Robotics student. The winners will be announced at the Ontario District Championships each April. To learn more about our application process and the SHAD-FIRST Scholarships, watch this Ask the Expert Webinar, where SHAD Outreach Lead Jess Tang answers questions from FIRST competitors.


“SHAD opened my mind to a world of robotics I didn't even know existed."



SHAD Fellow 2016


Photo cred: Samantha Hollinrake, SHAD Fellow 2017 & FRC Team 1360





SHAD Fellow 2018 and SHAD-FIRST Scholarship winner


"Through the workshops, lectures, and excursions that followed, I was amazed at how SHAD and FRC practically embodied the same philosophy of engaging motivated youth...if you are a part of FIRST Robotics, I would highly encourage you to apply to this amazing program, as it is an enriching experience. It is an opportunity to make lifelong friendships and connections, and learn things experientially, rather than through a textbook or what we are typically accustomed to."


Read more about Abdullah's experiences with SHAD and FIRST





SHAD Fellow 2017 and inaugural winner of the
SHAD-FIRST Scholarship


"I was always intrigued by SHAD’s unique experiential learning opportunities….SHAD has given me new outlooks of what is possible in the future, the self-confidence and support I needed to realize that I am fully capable of achieving any dream I have.

You’d be surprised how interconnected SHAD and FIRST are. From workshops and speakers to just the people around me, I always found connections back to FIRST throughout my life changing time at SHAD."


How Kim uses her SHAD experience to help her FIRST team




On and off the competition field, SHAD Fellows are making a big impact in FIRST Robotics. Samantha Hollinrake, SHAD Fellow 2017 and member of GTA Team 1360, produced a promotional video that permitted a First Nations Robotics Team (6339) from Sioux Lookout, a remote community in Northern Ontario, to secure $25 000 in sponsorship.


Watch Sam tell her story on CBC Our Toronto


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