SHAD works with Canada’s brightest youth, opening their minds and broadening their perspectives. One way SHAD accomplishes this is by introducing bright youth to the workplace, with the support of Canada’s leading companies.




FEBRUARY - MAY: Company determines how many students, what roles, supervisors, location of work-term, student interests or skills


MARCH - JUNE:  Company receives a shortlist of students and resumes for consideration, interviews and hiring take place. Ideally hiring is completed by the end of June before the student leaves for the SHAD program.


SHAD youth have been part of many fields, including:

What mentors are saying:


"I am very impressed by the SHAD Program. I love the multidisciplinary approach, and have observed first hand what a wonderful experience it is for the participants. We love having students at Pythian, and many employees value continual learning and are eager to help others do the same. Seeing the impact of the program at work within our organization is very rewarding.” Kaity Morrice, Learning Coordinator, Pythian 


"The SHAD program seems to be an excellent way to introduce students to the work force giving them practical experience before they decide on their future endeavors. Companies can benefit from these programs both economically and by developing relationships with eager to learn students in the future.” Carolyn Oates, Dynamic Analysis Engineer, Technip


"I appreciate the initiatives that SHAD has taken in identifying bright youth of our society and helping them in getting interested in engineering and technology.” Rahib Ahsan. Head, Hydrotechnical Department, Hatch


"The SHAD Program is valuable to us by providing insights from unjaundiced eyes and bright minds. It also provided us access to very capable talent at an early stage. We expect to maintain a continuing relationship with our SHAD interns, to continue offering them paid or unpaid project work during the school year, to help them develop their technical skills and to be available to advise them on their careers.” Benton Leong, CEO, Prolexion