FAQ about the cancellation of Shad2020

Q: Why is Shad2020 cancelled when some other summer programs aren’t?

We have agonized over this but as you can likely imagine, there are many planning and financial commitments required in running a quality program of our size and duration, which simply don’t allow us to wait any longer. As a charitable organization, we need to be ever very mindful of our duty to make the best use of our donations and grants. Making this decision now today will still create a significant challenge to our organization, but doing so will allow us to weather this period of uncertainty and ensure the continuation of the program for years to come.

Q: Why can’t you just run Shad as an online program?

Our programs are carefully designed to achieve our program objectives. The ability to deliver the objectives requires the creation of an intentional community within a specific setting. The program objectives do not lend themselves to an online format.

Q: I’m in Grade 11, why can’t I attend next year, you used to accept Grade 12 students.

Over the years, we have refined our program objectives and the audience to which they are most relevant and impactful. As a result we changed our eligibility criteria to that of grade 10 and grade 11 students only. The cancellation of the program for 2020 is unfortunate, but we will not be able to make exceptions to our eligibility criteria for 2021.

Link to Shad Canada Letter to Grade 11 Participants and Parents March 24, 2020

Q: Can I still put on my resume and college/university applications that I was accepted to Shad2020?

Yes, you can indicate that you were accepted into the program but due to the cancellation of the program as a result of COVID-19 , the program was not offered in July 2020.  

Q: Do I get a refund on program fees paid?

Yes, we will be issuing a full refund (no administration fees applied) to all participants. 

Q: When will I receive (get) my refund?

Full refunds will be issued no later than May 31, 2020.

Q: How do I get my refund?

Shad Canada is working through the refund process and you can expect to hear from our team over the next few days with details. 

Q: I’m in grade 10 and confirmed my participation (paid my deposit) for Shad2020. How do I confirm that I want to attend Shad2021?

In the coming weeks, our program team will be sending a follow up communication to all grade 10 participants who are eligible to attend the Shad2021 program. This communication will provide information on how to confirm your attendance.

Q: Why are we not just “delaying” the start of the program into late July/August?

There are many considerations required in running a quality program of our size and duration including having access to the universities in order to prepare and run the program. Given the lack of clarity around when things may improve, we have made the decision to cancel our 2020 program. 

Q: If I was accepted for Shad2020, will I have to submit a new application for Shad2021?

No, if you are in grade 10 and confirmed your participation (made a deposit) for 2020, you will not need to submit a new application for Shad2021. More information will be sent by email from our program team in the coming weeks.

Q: Will I still get the bursary amount I was awarded/granted this year?

All grade 10 participants who choose to defer their acceptance to Shad2021 will be required to re-apply for a bursary. Bursary funding is determined annually and we cannot guarantee participant bursary amounts at this time. We also acknowledge that personal circumstances can change and we want to give all Shad2021 participants an equal opportunity to apply for program bursaries. Information on how to apply for a bursary in 2021 will be provided in the fall.

Q: I am in grade 10 and I was on the waitlist, do I have to re-apply for Shad2021?  Will I be given any preference for consideration next year?

All grade 10 students on the waitlist for Shad2020 will need to apply again for the Shad2021 program. Everyone applying for Shad2021 will be evaluated equally, no preference will be given.

Q: Will you reverse your decision when things get better?

No, due to the planning and preparations required, Shad Canada will not be reversing the decision to cancel all 2020 programs.