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2008 Projects


This year's theme - Design with Conscience - is all about creating solutions to important local, provincial, national, and global concerns.  How can we use scientific and engineering innovation, plus entrepreneurship, to address homelessness, poverty, starvation, and lack of access to education, in either the developed, or developing worlds?  The solution may improve the quality of life in urban Toronto, a remote village in a third-world nation, or anywhere in between.  The Design With Conscience challenge will reward teams who successfully integrate scientific and engineering innovation with an entrepreneurial business plan that provides a new and exciting solution to an important social problem.  

C-Tech logoShad Valley Carleton University - VibeSense by C-Tech Inc.

A device worn on the wrist, VibeSense is a vibrating wristband alert system that informs the user of fire emergencies.  VibeSense will detect any activated fire alarm system with the use of frequency, volume and pattern recognition technology for the most accurate results. VibeSense is a simple system that can be used by the hard of hearing and hearing impaired.  It does not interfere with daily activities and is adaptable to any existing fire alarm system.


Camel logoShad Valley Dalhousie University - The Camel by The Camel Company

The Camel is a water transportation device geared to improve the lives of women in countries of need, particularly a village in Malawi called Chikwawa.  To date, women in Africa spend an average of six hours a day walking to water sources. With our product we hope to improve the efficiency of this essential task, allowing women the freedom to pursue education or alternate employment.  Incorporating two detachable water barrels, a basket to carry dry goods, and a LifeStraw® Family water purification device, The Camel will bring its users fast and clean water for life.


AquaRim logoShad Valley Lakehead University - AmanziCan by AquaRim Inc.

AquaRim Inc. is a company focused on improving the quality of life. Through the use of their revolutionary toilet flushing mechanism, AquaRim Inc. hopes to change the modern day toilet into a product that conserves water as well as one that is aesthetically pleasing. Using half of the water of a regular toilet, the AmanziCan will reduce water consumption in the common household.


Maroon Medical logoShad Valley McMaster University - AngleCare by Maroon Medical

The AngleCare(TM) is an electronic inclinometer designed by Maroon Medical to enhance patient care in hospitals by enabling medical professionals to accurately determine the angle at which a bed is elevated. Recent studies have shown that if a patient is elevated at an angle specific to their health condition, they will ameliorate more rapidly. This portable product, which can conveniently be implemented on any bed, digitally displays the bed's inclination, therefore eliminating inaccurate bed settings. The AngleCare(TM) is essentially an innovative, simple, and inexpensive device which strives to further enhance the global health care system and revolutionize patient care.


DemeterTechnologies logoShad Valley Memorial University of Newfoundland - BioHusk paper by Demeter Technologies

Demeter Technologies offers a unique solution for large scale consumers of paper products. Demeter Technologies has developed a paper product made from corn husks, a waste byproduct of bio-fuel production, creating a 100% biodegradable packaging material to sell to major packaging companies. The new corn husk paper, named BioHusk, will help our society lessen its impact on the environment by reducing waste from the packaging industry.


Shad Valley Queen's University - PurePads by Everlasting Inc.

Everlasting Pure Pads logoEverlasting Inc. has developed a new product to improve living conditions and provide educational opportunities to young women in developing countries. PurePads has been designed to maximize protection and hygiene for young women in developing nations. Unlike disposable pads, this reusable pad is environmentally friendly as it can be disassembled, easily washed, and then reused. This is particularly important as the product will be used in social settings that may not accommodate for appropriate waste disposal services.


Shad Valley Trent University - Gypsum-Mediated Irrigation System by Espoir Agricultural Foundation
Espoir logo
The Gypsum Mediated Irrigation System (GMIS) is a tool that will simplify and improve farming while still being environmentally and culturally conscious. The GMIS detects the moisture of soil using gypsum blocks, moulds that vary in electrical resistance according to the presence of water.  When electrical resistance reaches a certain level, a valve will automatically open or close, regulating the flow of water from an evaporation-proof reservoir.  Espoir Agricultural Foundation hopes to aid Benin, a country riddled with problems of drought and poor water control; problems the GMIS can solve.


Shad Valley Université Laval - Datbank by Grexum Group

Grexum Group is an organization originally founded to improve the quality of life in Aboriginal communities across Canada, by ensuring that they are fairly compensated for their intellectual property. With the support from the Assembly of First Nations, Grexum Group promotes cultural preservation and improves the economical status among Aboriginal communities through the conservation and development of their traditional medicinal and cultural knowledge.  In the future, Grexum hopes to encourage benefit sharing between research institutions and the communities.


Caction logoShad Valley University of British Columbia - Cacti by Caction International Inc.

Caction International aims to aid in solving the problems caused by hunger, malnourishment, and dehydration in developing nations. Caction distributes cactus seeds and education to communities in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. The spineless prickly pear, Opuntia ficus-indica f. inermis, which Caction distributes, is a substantial, healthy, and consistent source of nourishment and water. Through sustainable, domestic, and innovative development, Caction International is changing the world, one cAction at a time.


Green Ground logoShad Valley University of Calgary - Greenhouse by The Green Ground Foundation

Poverty and malnutrition are two major concerns facing the world today; issues that are set to worsen given climate change and the global food shortage. The Green Ground Foundation, a not for profit organization, incorporates both agricultural education and in-ground greenhouses in its quest to create sustainable, continuous agriculture in developing regions. The greenhouses utilize both the surrounding area and innovative technology to optimize growing conditions, while the education plan empowers the surrounding community, giving them the knowledge necessary to ensure the success of the program as a whole.


Deter-Mine logoShad Valley University of New Brunswick - Mine Removal by Deter-Mine Inc.

Deter-Mine Inc. has developed a new, innovative product that can effectively clear anti-personnel landmines in large areas without the excess of time and human labour currently needed to do so.  This is accomplished by the use of seismic waves working through the ground to detonate mines.  There are more than 60 million landmines remaining worldwide; many in some of the poorest countries.  Our product is able to clear entire minefields, eliminating their threat and freeing these fields for use as farmland, irrigation, or other development.


Valley Innovations logoShad Valley University of Waterloo - The Green Grinder by Valley Innovations

The Green Grinder is a small-scale, hand-cranked compost grinder. The function of this product is to grind biodegradable material into smaller pieces in order to speed up the composting process. As the Green Grinder reduces biodegradable material to smaller chunks, it will expedite the decomposition process as it increases the surface area-to-volume ratio. Ultimately, it increases the composting efficiency by making the process faster. This product is designed to target environmentally conscious consumers. It is intended to be a unit that can sit on a compost bin.



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