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Shad Valley Supports the Startup Canada Campaign

Startup CanadaShad Valley has partnered with Startup Canada in its campaign to celebrate and promote entrepreneurship in Canada. The campaign is Canada’s first-ever, entrepreneur-led, national movement to enhance our nation’s competitiveness and prosperity by supporting Canadian entrepreneurship. To inspire a focus on innovation, Startup Canada is hosting a cross-country tour and media campaign to prompt discussion on fostering and supporting entrepreneurial action.

The tour runs from March to September, engaging 25,000 Canadians and 250 partner organizations. People can participate in more than 30 Town Halls and 100 Fringe Events, and connect through a social media groundswell campaign. This unique effort not only identifies key challenges facing Canadian entrepreneurs, but brings them together in a way never seen before. It’s the beginning of a critical conversation and the first step in a new way of thinking.

Join us in creating a vibrant entrepreneurial culture and in building strong entrepreneurial communities by getting involved today. You can engage virtually or in person. To get more details on Startup Canada and to find out when the tour hits your province, click here.

Startup Canada Campaign


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