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Two Shads Win Scholarships to Visit the Arctic

Imagine seeing massive glaciers and polar bears up close. That’s just what Joey Loi and Yashvi Shah are about to do. Plus, they are learning about environmental issues from renowned scientists at the same time.

These two incredible Shads won scholarships to the Students on Ice Arctic Youth Expedition 2011. Earth Rangers sponsored Joey, and Yashvi was supported by the Leacross Foundation/R. Bern. Both Joey and Yashvi hail from the 2010 Shad Valley University of New Brunswick campus.

Already with extensive environmental advocacy under their belts, Joey and Yashvi are adding a new dimension to their experience through this extraordinary ship-based adventure. The Arctic Youth Expedition is an exciting opportunity for youth to learn about the Arctic and its impact on the global environment. Students are joined by an international team of scientists, educators and explorers who work closely with participants to ensure the trip is a remarkable journey of discovery. A group of about 75 students from 14 to 18 years of age visit Iceland, Greenland, northern Labrador and the northern reaches of Nunavik.

Participants see the glacial landscape, encounter isolated Arctic communities, visit remote archeological sites and observe breathtaking wildlife, such as polar bears, whales and seabirds. The purpose of the activities is to broaden these youths’ perspective and offer them insight into a changing natural world. This new knowledge can help inform them as they shape our society’s future.

These two Shads plan to use this experience as a launch pad to lead further environmental action in their communities. Joey’s environmental and community work involves the Youth Environmental Network of York Region where he is a director and the Mayor’s Youth Task Force in Markham where he is the co-chair. Yashvi is also on the Mayor’s Youth Task Force in Niagara Falls. She was instrumental to the introduction of two city by-laws that prohibit the sale of all plastic beverage bottles in municipal buildings and discourage the use of plastic bags in retail outlets.

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