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Application FAQ

Here are some commonly asked questions about completing the 2014 application form:

What date does the application need to be sent in by?
What academic information is required?
What about IB courses and how they are listed in the Academic Performance table?
How much is the program, and what financial assistance is available?
What format is required of an application?
Can you provide more information about the Activities section?
Can you explain the Creativity and Innovation section?
What types of things may I include in the optional Demonstration?
What is the "Why Shad Valley" question about?
Who may the letter of reference be from?
When will I know if I am accepted?
Other questions

"The application process is just right and it is
a good preparation for Shad applicants to get used to
applying for special programs or scholarships in the future."
-Linlin Hsia, Parent of Grace and Lauren Hsia, Shad 2006 alumni

Application due dates

The application deadline has passed for 2014. Watch for our 2015 application materials in September.

For general enquiries, email

Academic information

Please complete the Academic Performance page (download the PDFhere). If there is not enough room in the grids, you may include an extra page.

A school official must certify your course data. We reserve the right to request official transcripts to clarify your academic status.

Current school year section: If you do not have marks yet for your current courses, please still complete that section of the application, so that we know what courses you are/will be taking. Mid-term marks are fine--you can always send in more complete marks when they are available.

School Population: Indicate how many students are enrolled in your school.

Address section: We are looking for the school's address in this section.

IB Courses

Most IB course marks are criterion-based, graded on a scale from 1-7. Some schools provide a conversion table in order to convert these to equivalent high school percentages.

In your Academic Performance table, you may use the IB 1-7 coding, but please also include with your application your school's conversion table, if available.

Fees, Bursaries and scholarships

The program fee is $4,100, which is only a portion of the full cost.The fee covers all program activities, accommodations, and meals. Transportation to the program via car, bus, train, or air is your responsibility. For international students the fee is $8,000 CDN. Click here for details.

Financial support is available to assist studentswho demonstrateneed*.
We also grant merit-based scholarships that are awarded based on the strength of the overall application**.

Students that feel Shad Valley is right for them should not hesitate to apply. Once their application is successful, we will work with them and their family to facilitate their participation.

Shad Valley has a substantial budgetfor financial assistance, which includes:

  • A large bursary fund for participantswho demonstratefinancial need
  • Travel bursaries as additional support
  • Scholarships based on the overall strength of the application (all applicants are automatically eligible to be considered for these scholarships)

* Information about how to apply for a bursary will be made available after the evaluation process is underway. Additional information is required in order to be considered for bursary support, and applicants will be provided with full details via email.

** Applicantsdo not need to submit additional documentation to be considered for a scholarship. Scholarships are awarded based solely on merit and the strength of the application.


Please usethe online applicationonly, and not any previous printed versions.

Activities section

Through this section of the application, we are trying to get an idea of the types of activities you are involved in and the amount of time you devote to these activities. There are 4 categories that you can use to summarize your involvement in various activities: school & community, academic awards, arts & athletics, work (paid or volunteer).

For all of the activities you are involved in within a category, please provide estimated dates from and to, combined hours per week and weeks per year, and a 255 character description/detail. It would be best to limit the time-frame to be within the last 3-4 years.

For example in the arts & athletics category, you could list any instruments you play, teams you are on, if you were in a school play or choir, etc.

The Creativity and Innovation question

For the Creativity and Innovation description, the goal is for you to explain how you approached a solution to a specific problem. Describe how you think about problem solving by exploring a specific example. If your answer to the description requires you to show pictures, video or other media then you should include it in the optional Demonstration section, which MUST be used only to make the statement of creativity and innovation more clear.

If you have clearly expressed your creativity and innovation through the description, there is no reason to add content to the Demonstration section.

For example, if you wish your problem solving for the Creativity and Innovation description to be about composing music, then describe how music is a creative and innovative endeavour for you and also include the results of your composing in the Demonstration section. Alternatively, if you consider your creativity and innovation to be best captured in poetry, you would not necessarily need to include a sample in the Demonstration section.

Theoptional Demonstration section

The Demonstration question isoptional. You can use it to further support your example of creativity and innovation (see Creativity and Innovation above for more details). If you have a video, you are limited to 1 minute maximum. Do not upload the file; rather, provide a YouTube link. If you are uploading a file, please limit to 5 pages maximum.

Why do you want to attend Shad Valley?

Tell us why did you consider applying for Shad Valley, and what are your expectations?

Letter of Reference

Each applicant is requested to have submitted a letter of reference (through ouron-line form),completed by a Principal, teacher or Guidance Counsellor. The on-line reference form is available at

When will I know if I have been accepted?

Offers begin in late February. When and if a place is offered to you, we would indicate the cost, including any financial support for which you may qualify. You would have a specific time-frame to either accept or decline the place.

When a student accepts a place in the program, we are counting on their attendance. We know that sometimes circumstances change, and that is why we also have a cut-off date for withdrawal with full refund (noon on April 10, 2014).

Other questions?

Please be sure to check our main FAQs (click here). If you do not find the answers there, you may email or call 519-884-8844 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST).

"I thought the application process was a very good learning tool
to prepare my son for the University application process.
I was glad to see how thorough it was and how high the expectations were."
-Ute Winer, Parent of Michael Winer, Shad Alumnus


 How To Apply

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